When did everything change so much? What happened to community, to togetherness? It seems today that we have so many connections and ways to connect yet we are more separate than ever.

We can build super computers but not homes for the homeless, war machines but not wells for water. I wish I could remember a time when power was used for the betterment of the whole and not just an elite part of the population.

I have felt for so long that there is a force trying to separate us, scare us and make us feel insignificant. Its getting worse every day.

We put money into banks that steal from us. We put power into the hands of people that cheat us. We are entertained by people who abuse us. A medical system that keeps us ill for profit. Wars that fund private corporations and worst of all we allow this to happen.

Will we, as a generation, turn away and allow our children to walk blindly into a police state?
Already they have less freedoms than we ever did, do you think any generation will again go out until dark playing? Jumpers for goal posts and run-outs without our parents? We are told that there are too many bad people out there and they are right. The elite that are creating these rules are the predators. They steal from us, lie to us and now we find out they abuse our children.

How long will we allow this to continue? Are we so dis-empowered that we know this and continue to let it happen? Every day it seems to get a little worse, yet still we bury our heads in the sand.
But what can one person do right?
Is it not this single statement that will forever keep us as powerless human beings? One man may not be able to change the world, but one person can instil an idea that can. Nobody can remove our ideas or arrest our thoughts. With time an idea can become unbreakable and if enough people believe in it, that very idea can grow, enlighten and bring people together. I'm going to ask you to help re-empower us with such an idea. If there is just a tiny spark inside of you that wants peace, please help.
They say there are 7 degrees of separation. You are a vital link in the chain as you will reach the next degree of people. All I ask is that you hang something green in your window as a silent protest against the elite. Nothing more, just a peaceful show of global community.
I hope soon our homes, streets, communities and countries will become awash of green. A silent finger to the system without leaving your home. A global belief in peace and to the betterment of my fellow brothers and sisters and more importantly, to give our children the hope of a better tomorrow. Its time to show the elite that we are a global community and that we all want peace. The easiest way I can think of doing this is by having a visual representation that we all can show of our global desire for peace.
Best of all it will take just 5 minutes of your time. So go hang something green and become part of a global idea that cannot be stopped.
Please like and share the proverbial hell out of this, but only after you hang something green. Together we will create such a silent uproar that we will forever be heard.
People against power